Women's Day Results/News


  • Dakota Pines Golf Club offers a day dedicated to our women's club members every Thursday!! This page will provide news, game results, updated Dakota Points, pictures and more throughout the golfing season! 


Month of may: news/game results


**Patron Range pass holders/club members:

  • Range bags are now available in the bag room...Please ask a bag attendant for assistance!!

**Short range update:

  • There will now be white practice balls available at the short range every morning next to the bag shagger. Feel free to use these balls as much as you wish...Please be courteous and leave all short range white balls in this area when done practicing! Thank you!!

**Updated dakota points:

  • The Dakota Pines website will now have updated Dakota Points after each week. The standings will be available here and in the Pro Shop. Click the link....Dakota Point Standings

**Upcoming events

  • Attention all ladies!! Dakota Pines is hosting an all ladies event Thursday, June 15th. The Vegas 9 hole shotgun event will start at 5:30pm. Registration is at 5:00pm! The event is rain or shine!! Whether you are a member, patron card holder or just looking for some fun, come out and join us for golf, food afterwards, drinks and prizes!! For more information, contact Lynda Holzemer @ 651-437-1914 (Home) or 651-353-1914 (Cell).

month of june: news/game results


June 1st game results: (Low putts)

Thursday, June 1st: Congratulations to Lynda Holzemer on placing first in the Low Putts Game Thursday, June 1st! Good Work Lynda!!

1st Place: Lynda Holzemer

2nd Place: Joyce Foss

3rd Place: Jo Boetcher

Low Putts Leaderboard

june 8th Game REsults: (Hi-Lo)

Thursday, June 8th: Congratulations to Jane Gerry & Ruth Kelly on placing first in the Gross/Net Hi-Lo Game Thursday, June 8th! Nice Job Jane & Ruth!!

1st Gross: Jane Gerry

T1 Net: Ruth Kelly

2nd Gross: Jo Boetcher

**For full results of the Hi-Lo (Net/Gross), click the link below...

Hi-Lo Game Leaderboard

june 29th game results: (Low net)

Thursday, June 29th: Shout out to Patti Hulse on placing first in the Low Net Game Thursday, June 29th! Way to go Patti!!

1st Place: Patti Hulse

T2: Judy McDowell

T2: Lynda Holzemer

Low Net Game Leaderboard

month of july: news/game results

july 6th Game results: (Eennie - meenie)

Thursday, July 6th: Congratulations to Patti Hulse on placing first in the Low Net and Lynda Holzemer in the Low Gross in the Eennie - Meenie Game Thursday, July 6th! Awesome job ladies!!

Low Gross $6: Lynda Holzemer

Low Net $6: Patti Hulse

2nd Gross $4: Ruth K

2nd Net $4: Mary Pat P.

Eennie - Meenie Game Leaderboard

July 13th Game Results: (The middle)

Thursday, July 13th: Dakota Pines would like to recognize LuAnn Wise for placing first in the First Net and Mary Pat P. for placing first in the First Gross in The Middle Game Thursday, July 13th! Way to go ladies!!

1st Gross: LuAnn Wise

2nd Gross: Cindy H

1st Net: Mary Pat P.

2nd Net: Jeane P.

The Middle Game Leaderboard 


August 10th Game results: (T-o-e-s)

Thursday, August 10th: Dakota Pines congratulates Lynda Holzemer on winning both the NET & GROSS score in The T-O-E-S Game! Awesome Job Lynda!

1st Gross: Lynda H

2nd Gross: Cindy H

1st Net: Lynda H

2nd Net: LuAnn Wise

T-O-E-S Game Leaderboard

August 24th game results: (HI-Lo)

Thursday, August 24th: Shout out to Lynda Holzemer for placing first in the low Gross & Patti Hulse for placing in the low Net for the Hi-Lo Game Thursday, August 24th!

1st Gross: Lynda H

2nd Gross: Judy McDowell

1st Net: Patti H

2nd Net: Lynne T

Hi-Lo Game Leaderboard

Month of september: News/groups results

**Aeration September 25th, 2017

  • The course will not be aerated until September 25th!! Get out there and continue to play the pristine golf conditions before the greens are punched!! Not many courses choose to aerate this late so take advantage!!

September 7th Game results: (EEnie - meenie)

Thursday, September 7th:

**Page will be updated approximately 7-14 days.