Mens Day News/Results

  • Dakota Pines Golf Club offers a day dedicated to our men club members every Wednesday!! This page will provide news, game results, updated Dakota Points, pictures and more throughout the golfing season! 

Week of May 29th

Friday June 2nd: Congratulations to club member Tim Tousignant on winning the Stableford game on Friday, June 2nd! Great job Tim!!

Results/news of week 1: (Stableford)

1st Place: Tim Tousignant 

2nd Place: Judy McDowell

3rd Place: Kevin Sieben

**For full results of Stableford, click the link below...

Stableford Round 1 Leaderboard

**Patron Range pass holders/club members:

  • Range bags are now available in the bag room...Please ask a bag attendant for assistance!!

**Short range update:

  • There will now be white practice balls available at the short range every morning next to the bag shagger. Feel free to use these balls as much as you wish...Please be courteous and leave all short range white balls in this area when done practicing! Thank you!!

**Updated dakota points:

  • This page will now have updated Dakota Point standings after each week. The standings will be available here and in the Pro Shop. **Updated Dakota Point standings as of week 1 will be posted ASAP!!

week of june 5th


Results/News of week 2: (GAme TBD)



**Page will be updated approximately 7-14 days.